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What is The Party Bike?

The Party Bike is a unique way to enjoy both the art of beer and the art of bicycling while being your own boss. Our bikes can accommodate 6-16 passengers and provide the easiest cycling experience of any beer bike.

Our full size standard Party Bike typically has ten pedaling positions at the bar, three seats on the rear bench and room for servers on the center catwalk. Of course, there is also a comfy seat for you, the driver.

Our standard Mini-Bar Bike offers six pedaling positions and one driver position.

Each of these bikes can be custom tailored to fit whatever your needs may be. We can add or subtract seats, change the configuration, add a rear barbeque, or modify the entire bike into a towable trailer. Whatever you can imagine, we can build it.

Do I have to Provide a Driver?

Most likely, yes. Due to insurance requirements, local ordinances and state regulations, you will most likely be required to provide the safe and sober driver for the full size Party Bike.

However, the case may be different for the Mini-Bar Bike, depending on your insurance, laws and whether alcohol is allowed. Check with the regulating authorities and your insurance company in all cases.

Who is Atek Customs?

Atek Customs is a subsidiary of JP and Sons, Inc., a family corporation. Jon and Patti (me) Pyland and our sons, Josh and Benj, operate the business in Bend, Oregon. Our third son, Jeremiah, is away at college. JP & Sons, Inc. has been a leader in the construction industry in Central Oregon for over twenty years. When the economy crashed several years ago, the housing industry evaporated in this area. Because we were also well known certified welders, we decided to change the direction of the company by adding Atek Customs, the welding arm of our business. Welding and fabrication, particularly on the Party Bike, has become the sole purpose of our company and we couldn’t be happier.

How did the Party Bike come to be?

Our original customer approached us with the concept of a building him a beer bike. He had seen one in Europe and wanted to open his own tour company here in Bend, Oregon. We thought it was such a great idea that we proposed to him to become partners and sell these bikes to the world. However, due to distinct differences in business philosophy, a partnership was not to be. We retained our original design and internet marketing ideas and started building the Party Bike.

He retained his original business plan and local marketing ideas to build a very successful local tour company operating one of our Party Bikes, known as the Cycle Pub.

Do I have to buy a franchise of the Party Bike?

Absolutely not!! In fact, we do not even offer franchises. We believe that your business is your business, not ours.

How you decide to operate your business is not up to us. We won’t tell you that you have to use our product only or that you can’t hire this person or that person. And you can name your company whatever you want.

Watch for my upcoming blog on “Franchising: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

If I Order Today, How Long Until I Get My Party Bike?

Because each of our Party Bikes are custom made to your specifications, they can take from 6-10 weeks to build. Obviously, the simpler the bike, the less time it takes. But you may have some unique ideas or modifications that you would like on your bike and we aim to please. Photo updates are sent to the owner throughout the build process so that you can see what is being done and how your build is coming along.

How much does the Party Bike cost?

The standard Party Bike as listed on our Options/Costs webpage is $45,500. This model is well equipped with everything most clients want.There are numerous additional options for you to select from if you so desire and custom orders are available.

Shipping options are extra, depending on where and how you want it delivered.

Do I have to Serve Alcohol?

No. In fact, most places will not allow you to serve anything. If alcohol is allowed by your municipality, it is generally brought by your renting clients, not you. Some of our Party Bike operators do not have the option to allow alcohol and must run “dry.” Yet, these dry bikes offer a fantastic experience proving that alcohol is not necessary.

To What Do You Owe the Success of the Party Bike?

The phenomenal success of our company is due to our clients and also to our competitors. Just as Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile and brought it to the average person, so too did Mr. Ard Karsten from Sightseeingbike in Amsterdam ┬árevolutionize the beer bike industry and bring them to the average person. But just like Chevy and Dodge made changes to Henry Ford’s design to suit peoples’ preferences, the Party Bike has also made changes, expanded the opportunities and personalized the accessories to meet the growing demand for these bikes.

In addition, our clients are some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. Their creativity and passion make each of their businesses unique and successful. And the more successful our clients are, the more successful we are.